Why Caesar’s Frozen Veggies May Be Better Than That Broccoli Sitting in Your Fridge

If you’re anything like us, every time you pass the produce aisle you can hear the voice of your mother behind you, quietly reminding you to eat your vegetables. If you’re a dutiful child, you may even pick up a box of mixed greens and a token head of broccoli to tote home, where it will sit in your fridge until the box of greens develops its own ecosystem and the broccoli fills your kitchen with off-gas funk. Best case scenario, you manage a salad or a stir fry before the whole veggie operation turns into a rotting mess.

So how are you supposed to fill out the bottom of the food pyramid without letting your veggies rot, one slimy handful of spinach at a time? Good news: a study out of the UK has shown that veggies frozen right when they are picked retain their nutrients longer than those you see sitting in your grocery store.

Vegetables that are picked and frozen the same day can retain up to 45% more nutrients than the ones you find in the produce section. What does this mean for you? Many Caesar’s Kitchen entrees are chock full of tasty and good for you veggies that could have a leg up on even your finest Farmer’s Market fare. For example, the fresh spring peas in our Spring Snap Pea Reginetti may contain 45% more Vitamin C than the snap peas you see piled in the plastic product tub under neon lights.

At Caesar’s Kitchen, we work with our farmers to ensure our veggies are harvested and frozen using methods that help each morsel retain quality, nutrients and flavor. Turns out your frozen meal not only makes your stomach happy, it might even satisfy that maternal voice telling you to eat your vegetables.  

Looking for a meal option that not only tastes great but can help you check off the “I didn’t eat total garbage today” box? Here are some of our favorite veg-packed meals comin’ out of Caesar’s Kitchen:

  • Gluten-Free Vegetable Lasagna: This savory selection trades in the meat for a filling combo of spinach, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms
  • Organic Tuscan Style Ravioli: Never warmed to the taste of things that are good for you? We’ve got you covered. This blend of spinach, mushrooms and tomato combined with four kinds of cheese will have your taste buds dancing
  • Spring Snap Pea Reginetti Pasta: This is the Holy Grail of our veggie lineup. Eaten warm or eaten cold, this is a spring buffet of good-and-good-for-you options including bell peppers, leeks, green beans, and snap peas

Source: Why Frozen Veggies Are Fresher than Fresh. Daily Mail – UK. 3.05.10.